Sales & Marketing Consultant – Williamsburg, Va

What happens when a local daily online newspaper doesn’t publish polarizing columns? When it refuses to endorse political candidates and its reporters spell people’s names correctly and quote them accurately?

The answer is honest news that people can trust, read every day, and share with their family and friends.

That’s why WYDaily is the most-read news source in Greater Williamsburg. We’re looking for the right person to join our sales team.

  • Job Title: Sales & Marketing Consultant

  • Reports to: VP Sales

  • Position located in: Williamsburg, VA

First, you have to love building relationships, meaningful and trustworthy connections with your customers.

Second, you must be competitive. Not that jerky, in-your-face type of competitive, but the kind of competitive that knows you can always be better at what you do. The kind of competitive that simply won’t stop until every person you connect with understands what we do, why we do it, and that no one else will work harder to do it better.

Third, but probably most important, you must be comfortable being vulnerable. Can you be honest when you make a mistake? Can you share the glory with your teammates or, even better, can you give them glory when they aren’t really the ones who deserve it? Can you say, “I don’t know this, please teach me?” Can you work your hardest every day for the company, knowing that your reward comes only after that? Are you sincerely more interested in what others have to say rather than speaking yourself?

If you answered these questions “yes” with a gut level honesty, we should talk. You can make a great living and have a lot of fun doing it. Did we mention we also have an awesome local radio station that helps drive even more people to our daily online newspaper every day? Imagine having that kind of megaphone at your current job!

By the way, you need to know how digital sales work, but you also need to be ready to sell it differently.

Our model is able to create products you’ve likely never seen before. And we don’t sell by CPM’s, CPC’s, or any other fancy formula that is made for lower quality websites. Our partners make a commitment to be on our pages every day because they understand, at the local level, the next big story can happen any second and they need to be there when it goes live.

If you are still with us and want to apply, email us at with the following:

  • A LinkedIn link or a resume

  • A cover email – tell us why you want to work with us, and why we should want to work with you

  • A little more detail about your experience and why it will help both of us succeed

Benefits package includes health insurance, 401(k), dental and eye coverage, and tickets to lots of great events.

This is a fun job, but don’t misunderstand, don’t apply unless you are ready to work your asterisk off!